Many options, one target

Maximum efficiency

The Modu-C CS fills 43,500 good capsules per hour – also in the containment version. A trolley system allows a rapid change of dosing systems for maximum flexibility.

Sophisticated standard processes and additional functions guarantee maximum efficiency, outstanding quality, and help to save resources.

This ensures that only products that are 100 % perfect reach patients – because every capsule counts.

Modu-C CS

Highly versatile state-of-the-art capsule manufacturing

Designed for highly efficient commercial production on a small scale, the Modu-C CS is the ideal platform for modern capsule production.

Whether it is the segment turret, in-process control (IPC), or 100 % weight check, the robust processes guarantee a simple, stable, and transparent production. The Modu-C CS, supported by individual product infeed and dosing technology, provides optimal results for even the smallest product quantities and products with complex rheological properties.


  • Output: 43,500 capsules per hour
  • PAT systems (Process Analytical Technology)
  • Integrated 100 % weighing


  • Quick format change
  • Easy operation and cleaning

Modu-C CS Containment

Maximum protection, superior quality

Optimal operator and product protection against highly active substances.

Containment concepts up to OEB 5 can be achieved on the CS platform. Functions like the integrated de-duster and cleaning by WIP (Wet-in-Place) enable safe working, good handling, and reduced space requirements. The 100 % weighing in closed containment is revolutionary and ensures that each finished capsule is exactly the right weight. Also for the handling of moisture- or oxygen- sensitive products, suitable environmental conditions inside the production area can be provided.


  • Output: 43,500 capsules per hour
  • Configurable up to OEB 5
  • Integrated 100 % weighing
  • Integrated capsule de-duster
  • Safe cleaning with Wet-in-Place (WIP)


  • Good accessibility thanks to the separate control cabinet
  • PAT systems (Process Analytical Technology)
  • Humidity and temperature control in the containment version

Quality assurance

Precise inspections

100% gross weight control

For maximum reliability:
In-process weighing of each individual capsule

  • Accuracy +/– 2 mg
  • Transparent process, trackable in real time
  • Good and bad products ejected separately
  • Reduction of downstream equipment

In-process control (IPC)

Precise in-process weighing of a predefined capsule volume

  • Accuracy +/– 0.1 mg
  • Tare/Gross weighing
  • Sampling frequency can be set on the HMI
  • Fully automatic calibration of the AMV Sensor
  • Batch reporting
  • Good and bad samples are captured separately

Various options

Precise dosing for every filling medium: The trolley system allows a quick exchange of the dosing module.

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